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Check out the people who reblog or like our Slytherin posts and you’ll find a bunch.

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I’m not going to keep annoying our followers with this.

If you want to discuss the arguments, please send us a non-anonymous ask and we’ll answer privately.

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Anonymous asked: Hen, you are one fierce bitch. I love it.

Yup. Pretty much.

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Try again silly

Slytherin’s element is Water, this is canon. Fire is Gryffindor.

‘Water stands, like Fire, for deep, but also for variable, or - expressed in a positive way - “open” emotions, for the acceptance of diversity and the will for the new. Water also represents the contemplative moment, the searching in your inner self, for the discovering of the deepest and darkest things of yourself but also for unleashed chaos, for uncertainty without a goal. Water, in opposition to the stability of Earth, stands for inspiration, for creation, for giving birth to ideas, longings and hopes, for moving and for changing. Because if Water stands still, it will rot, just like things made of derivates of the Element of Earth. But the flowing and the constant re-arrangement as well as the inherent desire to increase, to overflow, to pave the way of the unknown, are also the Water’s strength. Water is the first idea to get started, reaching for a goal, where Fire is the actual real first step towards achieving these ideas.’

Bolded the important part.

Where did you get this information?
Because the passage you posted contradicts itself and has no reason behind the symbolism.
How does water represent contemplation? And how does that make it Slytherin? Slytherins are often extremely impulsive - contemplation falls more under Ravenclaw.
And you said water was uncertainty without a goal. Slytherins are FULL of goals. In fact, their lives revolve around goals.
Neither Slytherins nor Gryffindors are very acceptant of diversity either. They both function in packs. Gryffindors need packs because they are primarily insecure, and the support and reassurance of a group makes them stable. Slytherins enjoy the community because there is safety in knowing about the people they surround themselves with (and the unknown means lack of control - Slytherins love control). Although Slytherins tend to pick diverse (or “odd”) people to be in their “packs” because it takes the person outside his/her comfort zone, thus making them vulnerable and easy to control.
Ravenclaws are very accepting of divercity though, simply because they like being open-minded.
Water does not rot..? Rotting implies that it’s dead or dying, never to be reborn again. If water stands still, it is just still. It’s very easy to get water moving again.
Even if it DOES “rot” when it’s still though, Ravenclaws are very uneasy when they aren’t learning or doing something to keep their minds active.
Discovering the deep, dark secrets about yourself is TOTALLY Ravenclaw. They love exploring their minds. That’s all they do, think think think. They’re very insightful.
Inspiration, creation - all Ravenclaw traits as well.

And you said: “the flowing and the constant re-arrangement as well as the inherent desire to increase, to overflow, to pave the way of the unknown.”
That is 100% Ravenclaw. Why do you think their stereotype is being in the library studying all day and night? They LOVE learning. Whether it be about science, art, psychology, history, whatever. They want as much knowledge as they can get. Just look at the personalities in our Ravenclaw followers. They’re all full of knowledge. They can’t get enough of it.

And are you saying Slytherins don’t take the first step towards progress? Oh, yeah, Voldemort totally just sat around with a bunch of ideas and did nothing about it. Snape THOUGHT about being a spy for Dumbledore, but he never tried. Draco CONSIDERED helping Voldemort with the Vanishing Cabinet, but he was too lazy. Bellatrix was TOTALLY DOWN for killing people, but naaah.
When Slytherins want to do something, they fucking do it.

Nice try, “silly.” But you’re a dumbass.

Even though my colleagues left me with fire and it wasn’t my decision, they aren’t stupid.

-Your Smartass Bitch, Hen of Slytherin

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Just give us the receipt.

Anonymous asked: Did you guys make the websites?? Link? :D

Nah, we couldn’t agree on anything. Url, money, webpage design, it all went to shit.

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